Lorraine Jones Whitfield

Author. Certified Life Coach. Teacher. Christian Counselor

Lorraine started a career in early childhood education in 1982. Throughout her years, she has obtained a Bachelors of Science in Psychology - Christian Family Counseling, and a Master of Education in Teaching/Learning from Liberty University and Lord Fairfax Community College, as well as several certifications in Child Development, Early Childhood Education, and Autism. 

Lorraine is the author of several books, a certified Christian Life Coach and Mentor and a Pastors wife. She is the founder of Hannah's Heart Ministries and She Soars LLC.

Lorraine's Personal Vision Statement

Encourage, equip, empower and educate individuals, couples, businesses and families, to develop a vision plan to give them clear direction.

My vision is expect transformation when you write the vision, "speak to it" and WIN (Walk In New). The goal is to counsel, consult, and coach women and teen girls. I believe in our Biblical based foundation that inspires individuals and families to recognize the enemies in their lives, to understand the tactics and how to use their equipment biblically; to use God's word to break generational curses, bondages and deception in their lives; to be transformed and to SOAR.

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Why S.H.E?

God has called me and set me apart to reach the struggling woman...

...the hurting woman.

...the addicted woman

...the hungry woman.

...the bitter woman.

...the sick woman.

You can be S.H.E. too. You can be Saved, Healed, and Empowered.

God has blessed me with the gift to help other women reach their fullest potential and step into the purpose God has given them.


As a Women's Empowerment Coach and Counselor I am available to help you grow in your walk with Christ and help you discover YOUR gifts and talents so God can use you to the fullest.

Pamela Davis

Before I started taking part in this women's group my desire to read my word was almost totally gone. I was going through so much in my mind and worrying about different situations in my life. I had to learn again that the battle isn't mine, I knew it needed to be reminded. All the scriptures and songs that the other sisters are posting really help. Lorraine, God is really using you. I look forward to the posting everyday. God Bless

Edith Settle

I am so thankful for Lorraine Jones-Whitfield and The Women's Book Ministry. She has been such a blessing to me. I must admit I don't get to go to church as often as I should but I must say, following her ministry every night keeps me focused and I really truly enjoy reading the Bible. This ministry is bringing us women together and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. Lorraine keeps on inspiring us and doing what God wants her to do, because the crown she is wearing really looks good on her. Thank you for being you, Lorraine! You will always have my support.

Joyce Dawes

Lorraine is an awesome coach, and thus, ecclesiastically phenomenal! She has inspired me and so many others spiritually through her online coaching sessions, encouragements, and uncomplicated finesse. 


S.H.E. definitely speaks! 

"He that followeth after righteousness and mercy, findeth life, righteousness, and honor."  

Proverb 21:21

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