S.H.E Soars Vision & Purpose

Our Vision revolves around the idea that coaching is based on God's word, and involves Biblical principles, real life situations and practical application. 

Our Purpose is to help women and teen girls of all different backgrounds. We take the broken down and hurt, and help them find their balance - spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, socially and to assist in helping them write their vision, along with "Coaching the Beautiful" in the word of God.

Who S.H.E Is

I am S.H.E

I am Mother. Daughter. Sister. Friend. Grandmother. I am who God says I am. 

S.H.E. is Saved from her past

S.H.E. is Healed from her hurts

S.H.E. is Empowered

S.H.E. is Educated and Equipped 

S.H.E. is Fearless

S.H.E. is WINning (Walking In New)

S.H.E. is more than a conqueror 

S.H.E. is ME

I AM S.H.E.